Pawan Singh is the Tiger of cinema Bhojpuri

With the successful release of his latest film Dacait Pawan Singh has proved once again that he is the real ‘tiger’ of Bhojpuri cinema. The film is running houseful shows everywhere and it happened even in the month of Ramazan.
When Pawan Singh made a visit to theaters in Bhiwandi all hell broke loose and thousands of his fans thronged the venues. The police had a hard time managing the crowd.
The film is produced by Manoj Chaudhary and directed by Ravi Bhushan.(reported by Shashikant Singh – Ranjan Sinha)

‘Dacait’ rules in Bihar as well as in Mumbai in this holy month of Ramadan

Recently released Mithila Talkies film ‘Dacoit’ is ruling strong on the box offices in Bihar as well as in Mumbai. Released in 40 theatres in Bihar this film had collected a net of Rs. 35 Lakhs in the first two weeks. It shows the public support the film has received. The same is happening in Mumai too where this film was released last week.

Ravi Bhushan is the director and star cast of the film has Pawan Singh, Monalisa, Pratibha Pandey, Chandni Chopra, Manoj Tiger, Anil Yadav, Manish Chaturvedi, Subodh Seth, Deepak Bhatia, Gauri Shankar, Brijesh Tripathi and others.

This film is succeding on the box offices even in the month of Ramadan.

(Inputs from Shashikant SIngh, Ranjan Sinha, and Prashant-Nishant)

Dacait and Khuddar released on 27th July

Two films, ‘Dacait’ starring Pawan Singh and ‘Khuddar’ starring Viraj Bhatt, were released on 27th July. While Dacait was released in 40 theaters of Bihar while Khuddar in 30 theaters in Bihar and also in Mumbai as well. Both the films got a good opening collection.

Pawan Singh is in the title role in Dacait with three top ranked Bhojpuri heroines, Monalisa, Pratibha Pandey and Chandni Chopra.

(Prashant-Nishant and Shashikant Singh report)

Pawan Singh plays a Singham type role

In Bhojpuri film ‘Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuria Jawaan” Pawan Singh has changed his usual gateup and is playing a role like Ajay Devgan in Singham. This is the opinion of everyone who saw the first look of the film. Pawan Singh is a SP in this film and the baddies tremble even on mentioning his name.
This film is produced under the banner of Mithila Talkies by Manoj Chaudhary and is directed by Raju. The viewers will see some brilliant action performances by Pawan Singh in this film and will like his role.

(Shashikant Singh report)

Pawan Singh ‘Dacoit’ coming to rob the box offices in Bihar on 27th July

Bhojpuri film ‘Dacoit’ starring superstar Pawan Singh is releasing on 27th July in Bihar cinema halls. This film is produced by Manoj Chaudhary, directed and written by Ravi Bhushan, lyrics are by Vinay Bihari and music is by Madhukar Anand.
The stars in the film are Pawan Singh with Monalisa, Pratibha Pandey, and Chandani Chopra. Other actors are Manoj Tiger, Brajesh Tripathi, Manish Chaturvedi, Subodh Seth, Som Bhushan, Afrin Khan, Anand Mohan, Vijaya, Sanjay Verma and Anil Yadav.
This film shows the story of a simple man who turns to robbery due to the compulsions of his life.

(Prashant-Nishant report)

Pawan Singh in the new career of music direction

Pawan Singh in Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuria Jawan

Pawan Singh, a popular Bhojpuri singer who later became a super star in Bhojpuri cinema, has started his new career of music direction with film “Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuriya Jawan”. In an interview Pawan Singh said that he do not want to be a prisoner of any particular image. He was a singer before he became an actor and singing is still his first love. He said that good music is pivotal for the success of any song so he was interested in music since his beginning of singing. Fortuantely this film has given him the opportunity to realise his long cherished dream. Pawan Singh is also in a new look in the film showing his abdominal muscle like the Bollywood heroes and more on the line of his own ideal Sunny Deol.(Uday Bhagat report. Read the full interview on