Manoj Tiwari elected president of Association of Bihar Cricket

Bhojpuri Mega star and a ardent cricket fan Manoj Tiwari has been elected as the President of ABC (Association of Bihar Cricket) after cricketer Kirti Azad resigned from the post. Kirti resigned to show that he cares for cricket and is going to walk all the way for betterment of cricket in BIhar. There are three associations of cricket in BIhar. These are ABC, BCA (of Lalu Prasad) and CAB.

Manoj Tiwari said in his press conference that he will do everything possible to bring Bihar cricket in the national main stream.

(Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)

Jaya Prada enters Bhojpuri cinema

Famous Bollywood actress Jaya Prada has decided to enter Bhojpuri film industry. She has decided to produce a Bhojpuri film starring Manoj Tiwari and herself in the lead roles. The film ‘Matru Devo Bhava’ will be a remake of super hit south Indian film of year 1993. Manoj Tiwari will be playing the role of Jaya Prada’s drunkard husband in the film who later tries to correct himself. But by that time it was too late. Manoj Tiwari says that this will be the first time that he will play the role of an alcohalic in any film.

Jaya Prada has also decided to move to Mumbai and start her own production house. She has already purchased an office premises at Juhu and a residential premises in Goregaon. Jaya is talking with several directors as she plans to produce mainly Hindi films. To start with she has signed Dinkar Kapoor as director. Dinkar Kapoor was the assistant of Abbas Mastan in film ‘Baajigar’. Dinkar will be directing this film ‘Matru Devo Bhava’.

(Shashikant Singh report)

Manoj Tiwari recreates a village in Sundarvan

Bhojpuri megastar Manoj Tiwari has bought a lavish apartment in Sundarvan near Lokhandwala in West Andheri of Mumbai. The flat is on 16th floor and has a garden with a ‘jhula’ in the balcony. All the rooms are decorated in separate style and named accordingly. ‘Mera Gaon’ room has recreated a village while ‘Mera Benaras’ reflects the Benarsi look.

Famous Saint Morari Bapu came specially to bless the new home of Manoj Tiwari. Manoj says that he had invited Bapu with much humility because Bapu is always busy with his followers but Bapu came here from South Africa and then went to Bhavnagar. Manoj Tiwari has met Morari Bapu two years ago at Magahar.

Many of the stars, producers, directors came for the house warming. Mother and elder brothers of Manoj Tiwari were also present on the occasion.

(Shashikant Singh report)

Manoj Tiwari jumped from 20th floor

Bhojpuri mega star Manoj Tiwari recently jumped from 20th floor for the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Ganga Jamuna Saraswati’. This scene was very dangerous so everyone in the unit tried to dissuade Manoj Tiwari not to do the scene himself and let it be done by a duplicate. But Manoj Tiwari was adamant. So he tied the safety wire and jumped for the scene. Everyone present clapped when the scene was ok.
However, at the time of dubbing Manoj Tiwari felt the real danger and was speechless realising the risk he had taken at the time. The wire could have broken, some other mishap might hap occured and he would have been in great danger. Manoj Tiwari said that this shows the distance the actors travel to please their fans.
‘Ganga Jamuna Saraswati’ is a unique film in the sense that for the first time the three super stars of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishan Manoj Tiwari and Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, are acting in the same film. The film is expected to be released soon.

(Shashikant Singh report)

Gangs of Wassepur brings wave of fame for Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari
When Manoj Tiwari opened the market for Bhojpuri albums with his first album “Bagalwali Jaan Marele”, brought Bhojpuri cinema in parallel to Hindi cinema with his first film “Sasura Bada Paisawala” and now he has brought a wave of fame with his first song in a Hindi film “Gangs of Wassepur”. Manoj Tiwari gives the credit for success of the song to its lyricist Piyush Mishra, music director Sneha Khewalkar and the director of the film Aurag Kashyap. The song “Jiya Ae Bihar Ke Lalla” has become popular everywhere, India as well as abroad. Recently talking about the criticism of the film and its director for bringing ill fame to Wassepur, Manoj Tiwari ridiculed the attempt and said that those who are criticising the film are neither Bihari nor Jharkhandis and do not want to present the real problems.(Shashikant Singh report)

Sudhakar Pandey passes away

Sudhakar Pandey, producer of path breaking Bhojpuri Film Sasura Bada Paisa Wala left for heavenly abode on Thursday, 20th Aug 2009. He was only 37 years old and was suffering from liver disease. He died in a private hospital at Mumbai.

According to the PR consultant of Triveni Kala Mandir,(a companuy of Sudhakar Pandey) Shashikant Singh, Sudhakar Pandey was born on 15th Aug 1972 at Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh. His last rites will be done at Sultanpur and his body has been taken for Sultanpur and Bhojpuri Super Star Manoj Tiwari has gone with the body for Sultanpur.

Sudhakar Pandey produced Sasura Bada Paisa Wala in 2004 and it revived the dead Bhojpuri Cinema and made it stand parallel to Hndi cinema. Even today producers get encouraged to produce Bhojpuri film by the success of Sasura Bada Paise Wala. Manoj Tiwari was introduced to Bhojpuri films with this film and Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua too was introduced by Sudhakar Pandey with his film Chalat Musafir Moh Liyo Re. Today both these actors are Super Stars of Bhojpuri Cinema.

Sudhakar Pandey produced only four films. The other two were Daroga Babu I Love You, and Rang De Basanti Chola. The present day Bhojpuri Cinema Industry shall remain indebted to Sudhakar Pandey for reviving the Bhojpuri film industry. Manoj Tiwari has expressed his grief saying that the architect of present day Bhojpuri film industry has gone. Many stalwarts of Bhojpuri cinema have expressed their sorrow and these include actress Nagma, producers Jagdish Sharma, Snil Boobna, Kishan Khadaria, Dr.Samjay Sinha, Monika Sinha,Jitesh Dubey, Abhay Sinha, Mahesh Pandey, Aslam Sheikh, Vinay Anand, Rinku Ghosh,anf Kumar Mohan.

Source :
Shashikant Singh
, Mumbai. Ph.: 9322411335, 9833295806

Sur-Sangram turns into a battle between judges

Bhojpuria ego seems to have rubbed into the non-Bhojpuria judges of Sur Sangram, a reality show shown on the first Bhojpuri TV Channel Mahuaa.

Contestants from UP and Bihar are showing their singing talent in this reality show. Malini Awasthi and Kalpana are the two judges who judge the contestants in every episode. But the two judges have no harmony amongst themselves. Malini Awasthi is said to be peeved due to the popularity of Kalpana amongst Bhojpuri population. Many of the contestants sing the popular songs of Kalpana or Manoj Tiwari in the serial and Malini seems to dislike it.

In the coming episode, due to be shown this week on Friday and Saturday on Mahuaa TV Channel, the two judges have an ugle spat between themselves. When Vijayeta Goswami, a contestant from Gorakhpur sang a popular song, Jeeja Ke Chhotka Bhai Ha, originally sung by Kalpana Malini said that the perfomance was worst and so she was lost somewhere in her thought. This was enough provocation for Kalpana who burst out saying was it the performance or the fact that it was her song? Malini replied that you have small mentality. Kalpana shot back saying yes, you sing for the upper class so you have a big mentality , I sing for the masses and so have a small mentality.

Kalpana is so angry with this incident that she is telling that it was a mistake for choosing no-Bhojpuria judges for a Bhojpuri reality show. It would have been proper had Bharat Sharma and Sharda Sinha were made the judges.

Malini says that it does not matter who sung the song originally. She was more concerned with the performance of the contestants and even if the contestant had sung a song originally sung by her and the performance was poor, she would have said so.

Fortunately the incident was managed skillfully by Manoj Tiwari, anchor of the show.

Sources : Based on the inputs from Prashant-Nishant and Ranjan Sinha.

Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwary bury their hatchet

In a welcome move Ravi Kishan asked Manoj Tiwari to join him in his movement to promote Bhojpuri and Manoj Tiwary happily promised to join the cause. Manoj Tiwary said that his self-exile from the film world due to election has ended and he is going to devote his full time for the Bhojpuri Film Industry and Bhojpuri.

The occasion was the felicitation ceremony of Dr.Sanjay Jaiswal who defeated Prakash Jha the film maker and Sadhu Yadav the notorious relative of Lalu Prasad and won from Bettiah LokSabha seat as a BJP candidate to become MP for the first time.

The meeting was organised by Abhay Sinha, a famous Bhojpuri film maker and was attended by many stalwarts of Bhojpuri film industry which included Ajay Sinha, Durga Pd.Majumdar, Brajesh Tripathi, Sudeep Pandey, Rashmi aka Divya Desai, Monalisa, Gunjan Pant, Aslam Sheikh, Dev Pandey etc. in addition to the two Bhojpuri Super Stars Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan.

Posted by Uday Bhagat, Mumbai on 28 May 09.