Tatka Khabar amongst the Top 3

TatkaKhabar.com, the online news site in Bhojpuri, has been placed at the third place amongst the popular Bhojpuri websites. The best thing is that two of the thee top sites in Bhojpuri belongs to Anjoria family.

Anjoria.com was the first website to be started in Bhojpuri ten years ago and is gradually going strong. It had its own tops and bottoms as is common in any life history but kept going despite many hardship and problems. During all these years many other websites were started with great enthusiasm and fanfare but the promoters gradually lost interest and such sites got neglected with time. On the contrary Anjoria.com maintained its slow but consistent pace and is now placed at the top amongst Bhojpuri websites.

Anjoria.com caters to all aspects of Bhojpuri and has perhaps the largest base of Bhojpuri websites. Other improtant websites of the family are CinemaBhojpuri.in, a site devoted to cinema Bhojpuri, and TatkaKhabar.com, a news site in Bhojpuri.

Bhojpuri lovers are requested to join hands with Anjoria to strengthen the cause of Bhojpuri.

Hollywood star Warwick Davis in Bhojpuri film

Warwick Davis who was the star in Harry Potter and Star War films will soon be seen in a Bhojpuri film ‘Chingari’ produced by Khushi Creations and Communication of India and City Entertainment Ltd of Hongkong in a joint venture. Shreya Srivastav is the producer and KD is the director. The shooting for the film will be done in Indua and Warwick will be comin soon to India for the shooting.Producer Shreya claims that the role of Warwick will be surprising one.
Manoj Kumar is the cameraman, story and scripts are by Shreya himself, dialogues are by Virendra Pathak, music is by Vaishnav Deva. Audio will be released by Narjis Music. Stars of the film include Rani Chatterjee, Sushil Singh, Shweta Haldhar, Prakash Awasthi, Deepa Singh, Shreya Srivastav, Prakash Jais, Sikandar Khan, Rajiv Vashistha, Kaushal, Gauri Shankar and dancing queen Seema Singh.(Shashikant Singh report.)

The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur now at international level

And this time the world will listen Bhikhari Thakur through the voice of Kalpana Patowary

Though Kalpana Patowary belongs to Assam, she very speedily gained the status of most popular Bhojpuri singer. To pay back the debt of this Bhojpuri love and popularity Kalpana has done what no one had even thought about. She has presented ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’ at international level. Her latest Bhojpuri album ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur’ has been released by the world famous music company Virgin Recordes/EMI Music. And by June 2012 this costliest Bhojpuri album will be available in all the music retail outlets, malls, and Planet M stores. Though the cost of the album is Rs.195/- its value is tremendous and it is in reality a bargain offer for Bhojpuri lovers. It is hoped that with this album the Bhojpuri music will reach the rich society also who rarely listens to the ‘popular’ Bhojpuri music.

The album contains nine songs and these include Bhikahri Parichay, Dagaria Johat Na, Babu Ji, Ramlila Gaan, Piyari Sundari, Kalyug Prem, Lagania, Raas Lila, and Bidhata. With these carefully selected Bhikhari songs the listner shall become acquainted with the life and works of Bhikhari Thakur who was called “the Shakespere of Bhojpuri” by none else but the well known multilinguist scholar Pt. Rahul Sanskrityayan.
Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of listening these songs even before its release and in my humble opinion Kalpana Patowary has done full justice to Bhikhari Thakur. Though at a few places her Bhojpuri pronunciation shows some hiatus but that should be overlooked considering Bhojpuri is not the language of Kalpana. She came from Assam and in a very short span became the Bhojpuri Kokila. Her idol is Bhupen Hazarika and as a tribute to the Bhojpuri music and culture Kalpana decided to research for some one in Bhojpuri who was akin to what Bhupen was to Assamese. She found Bhikhari Thakur and after a very prolonged research she has presented this album.

I salute Kalpana Patowary for the service she has given to Bhojpuri and wish her latest Bhojpuri album reaches all Bhojpuri households.

Well done Kalpana !

Omprakash Singh
Anjoria group of websites.

Anjoria slides one position lower on Alexa rankings

The first website in Bhojpuri, Anjoria.com, is always being beaten by newcomers. This time it has slided again to fourth position. Below is the ranking chart of twenty most popular websites:

Many names are hidden because I do not have express permission from those websites to print their name. If you have a website and want to display on these ranking charts please send me an email.

Despite all odds Akash is the winner

The final episode of Nahle Pe Dehla, a singing reality show telecast on the popular Bhojpuri TV channel Mahuaa made Akash the clear winner. Otherwise no one had ever win convincingly its musical reality shows. First season of Sur-Sangram had a tie, for some unknown reasons, between Alok Kumar of Bihar and Mohan Rathod of UP. The final of second season of Sur Sangram was ended in pandemonium and no result was declared. It has been months and no news regarding the final has come out or Mahuaa, either officially or unofficialy.

However, the “grand” finale of Nehle Pe Dehla was telecast on the evening of 1st May and Akash from Buxar was declared the winner. Second position was awarded to Kritika, aka Lado, from Allahabad. Though she was the front runner from the beginning. One of the judges. Kalpana, had even said that if Lado fails to win this show it will be an insult to music !

I am not a musician and have no knowledge of musical intricacies but as a Bhojpuri lover and layman I can say that Aryanandini was my clear favorit. Hope Aryanandini gets enough opportunities to win the show of real life, mys best wishes are with her.

The most surprising aspect of the show was the absence of Manoj Tiwari, Pawan Singh and Kalpana. These three were associated with the show from the very beginning and their absence from the final was really worrying. I tried to contact Manoj Tiwari and Kalpana but both refused to receive the call, for reasons better known to them.

In the finals the famoous music director Dhananjay Mishra awarded the Best Voice of Nehle Pe Dehla award to Aryanandini and that was a big consolation to me. I was not off the mark !

I, on behalf of Anjoria family, take this opportunity to assert once again that Anjoria has no relation with Mahuaa TV or the Bhojpuri film industry. It is just the love of Bhojpuri that Anjoria promotes news about Mahuaa and Bhojpuri films. Majority of the articles are written by the PROs and very rarely I express my own opinion. So if someone wants to take part in any show on Mahuaa or in any film in any way please contact the concerned person directly. Anjoria is unable to help you in any way. Majority of the STARS, and mahuaa TV, are not aware of its existence even.

Bhojpuri Academy chairperson accuses a website owner of extortion

Chairperson of Bihar Bhojpuri Academy, a quasi government organization, has accused a website owner of extortion. In the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Buxar Dr. Ravikant Dubey has lodged a case that the owner had asked him to pay Rs. Five Lakhs after Dr.Dubey was appointed the chairperson of the Bhojpuri Academy, otherwise his image will be tarnished. At that time he did not take it seriously and ignored the matter. But for the last few days, Dr.Dubey accuses, there are concerted efforts to malign him by accusing him of creating false Facebook profiles in name of girls. Dr.Dubey complains that wrong and baseless accusations are leveled against him by the website owner and his readers.

On the other hand the said website owner has denied any such activity on his part. He has said in an article on the website that neither he nor his colleagues have ever contacted Dr.Dubey by phone or email. It is he who has ever demanding publication of his news and he has even asked Bhojpuri scholars to plead for publication of his news on the said website.He is contemplating taking legal actions against Dr.Dubey.

Give Bhojpuri a non-scheduled language status to startwith

It is a favorite past-time of Bhojpuri activists to demand for its inclusion in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution without pondering over the ground situation that Bhojpuri is not even recognised as a non-scheduled language of India !

So, we should first demand for recognising Bhojpuri as a non-scheduled language of India before demanding its inclusion in the 8th schedule. As per the 2001 Census of India Bhojpuri speakers are 3,30,99,497. This makes it the 8th language of India in terms of number of speakers way above many other languages included in the 8th schedule. For example Nepali language is included but Bhojpuri is kept out of the schedule.

This has been done with purpose or design by Hindi lovers. Many languages of India are deliberately included as the sub-languages of Hindi and this list includes Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Hariyanvi, Magahi etc. Even if these and other languages are kept out of Hindi, the position of Hindi remains unchanged. So even when these languages are recognised as other languages position of Hindi remains unchanged. At present the Hinid speakers numbering about 42 crores includes nearly 17 crore speakes of these other languages.

Let us first concentrate on demanding a non-scheduled status for Bhojpuri. The government should explain the reason for not giving due recognition to Bhojpuri and these other “slave” languages of Hindi. There are scores of other languages recognised as non-scheduled language per se so there is no harm or rationale behind denying Bhojpuri its due.

We, the members of Anjoria family, demand recognition of Bhojpuri as a non-scheduled language of India. Demand for inclusion in 8th schedule shall follow later.

Bhojpuri blogging on AnjorDuniya.com

Anjoria, the first and popular Bhojpuri website, is now offering Bhojpuri bloggers to blog without any hindrance from the admin. Many persons have vent their feelings on several networking sites when their point of view is either neglected or deleted. As a responsible Bhoupuri website Anjoria has extended its facilities to such bloggers within a self imposed code of conduct. You can now express your opinion on any subject related with Bhojpuri language, culture, people, film, drama, music etc as long as it is within civil limits. You can praise any one, give links to your own website/blog, but you can’t criticise any person or website or network related to Bhojpuri. This facility is not for washing your dirt publicly. But then you can express your views openly without naming anyone or pointing fingers to anyone.

So you can now go to AnjorDuniya.com and start blogging in three steps :

1. You register yourself on Anjor Duniya.
2. You ask for writer permission from the co-ordinator.
3. Start your blog.

Sur Sangram season 2 in its final rounds

Popular reality show on Mahuaa TV “Sur Sangram season 2” has entered its final phase now. Only two cantestants remain both from U.P. and Bihar and one of these will win the race to become new “Sur Samrat” of Bhojpuri.

Manohar and Raghubir from U.P. and Jahid and Mamta remain from Bihar. The show has Rs. 25 Lakh rupees as 1st prize and Manohar seems to be the favorit at the moment. But surprises are bound to happen as the final say depends on popular votes. However before that one of the contestants has to retire and another to cintend with third prize.

The show is telecast on Friday and Saturdays from 8 P.M. onwards. Repeat telecast is done on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 A.M.