TatkaKhabar.com, the online news site in Bhojpuri, has been placed at the third place amongst the popular Bhojpuri websites. The best thing is that two of the thee top sites in Bhojpuri belongs to Anjoria family. Anjoria.com was the first website to be started in Bhojpuri ten years ago and is gradually going strong. It Read More →

Warwick Davis who was the star in Harry Potter and Star War films will soon be seen in a Bhojpuri film ‘Chingari’ produced by Khushi Creations and Communication of India and City Entertainment Ltd of Hongkong in a joint venture. Shreya Srivastav is the producer and KD is the director. The shooting for the film Read More →

The first website in Bhojpuri, Anjoria.com, is always being beaten by newcomers. This time it has slided again to fourth position. Below is the ranking chart of twenty most popular websites: Many names are hidden because I do not have express permission from those websites to print their name. If you have a website and Read More →

The final episode of Nahle Pe Dehla, a singing reality show telecast on the popular Bhojpuri TV channel Mahuaa made Akash the clear winner. Otherwise no one had ever win convincingly its musical reality shows. First season of Sur-Sangram had a tie, for some unknown reasons, between Alok Kumar of Bihar and Mohan Rathod of Read More →

It is a favorite past-time of Bhojpuri activists to demand for its inclusion in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution without pondering over the ground situation that Bhojpuri is not even recognised as a non-scheduled language of India ! So, we should first demand for recognising Bhojpuri as a non-scheduled language of India before demanding Read More →

Anjoria, the first and popular Bhojpuri website, is now offering Bhojpuri bloggers to blog without any hindrance from the admin. Many persons have vent their feelings on several networking sites when their point of view is either neglected or deleted. As a responsible Bhoupuri website Anjoria has extended its facilities to such bloggers within a Read More →

Popular reality show on Mahuaa TV “Sur Sangram season 2” has entered its final phase now. Only two cantestants remain both from U.P. and Bihar and one of these will win the race to become new “Sur Samrat” of Bhojpuri. Manohar and Raghubir from U.P. and Jahid and Mamta remain from Bihar. The show has Read More →

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