“Pakrauah Shaddi” is so flourising in UP & Bihar….Kalpana.

I congratulate the film Antardwand because such films are of great use and help for social change.” – Hon President Smt. Pratibha Patil.

Singer Kalpana…..classy, sophisticated and attractive… she is the Queen of Bhojpuri music world and truly rules the hearts.She has become the favorites of music lovers with her tuneful song like “Aila re Aila” (film Khatta Meetha), ‘Ek Ooncha Lamba Kad’ (film Welcome), ‘Billu Bhayankar’(film Billu) and ‘Hotty Naughty’ (film De Dana Dan).

After gaining prestigious position as the versatile singer of Bhojpuri films, singer Kalpana has become the favorites of music directors and is the most sought after singer in Bollywood. This Assamese girl is the darling of the North Indian belt and has been christened the uncrowned BHOJPURI QUEEN.

As Kalpana says, ANTARDWAND is finally releasing. This film got the distinction of bagging the Award for Best Social Issues in the 55th National Filmfare Awards. My mujra song – kaate na jawani hai o more raja, in this film got great applause. This song is the soul of the film.

I am so happy for the moments and proud for such recognition. It is a National Award winning film based on Groom Kidnapping.

As PEEPLI LIVE has brought the focus of Urban India to the issues faced in rural India, in an entertaining way, ANTARDWAND, too brings to light the social evil that plagues Rural India, in the mainstream media debate. Such forced marriages wreak huge emotional damage on both the girl and the boy. Kalpana says, I am more for the voiceless girl who is deeply entrenched in a male dominated feudalistic society where she has nothing else to fall back on.

Whether deserted or divorced -the life of a hapless girl in such a claustrophobic society becomes a hellish and endless journey. She bears the stigma of ‘being married but not married’.

It is a story where everyone involved, pay a heavy price for the ugly patriarchal power play…it’s a society rotting while the country surges ahead to be a global power.

Antardwand is a film that strokes the sensitive, thinking viewer’s ire.

I am so happy for the moments and proud to be part of a film with a social issue which peeps into the reality that is mofussil India, a feudal India refusing to die.

Groom abduction or “Pakrauah Shaddi” is so rampant in Bihar & Eastern UP and is touched upon in Antardwand. The film is very realistic, well made film, and more ever it’s a true story, which makes it more interesting….It brings to light that these unfortunate incidents still happen in India…True stories truly inspires me more than anything else. The true story in the film should be highlighted”…This film is getting big thumbs up from the A plus film fraternity in Bollywood.

When her other film ‘Saanncha’ was selected for The Cannes Film Festival, it added one more feather to her cap and proved a sort of milestone in her artistic career.

In one of her recent interviews Kalpana has confessed herself in these words, “In the beginning of my career as a playback singer, I had been lending my voice to all type of songs for films and albums, but I had an appetite for art films. This is a must listen song.With time, my maturity also went on increasing, along with my ambition for singing for movies which has a message of social cause.

Says Kalpana, these films has burning social problems of the society.

In yet to be released film ‘AAKROSH (Ajay Devgan) on honor killings in UP & Bihar, AAJ BHI’ & PAROKSH singer Kalpana’s voice touches the hearts and is bound to enhance her gifted flair to the peak of popularity. After her successful World Tour for the promotion of her International music album- Massical released by Bird Jam Label,Germany with Trilok Gurtu, singer Kalpana had lend her voice in the new version of the song on national integration- MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA.

She is busy now days judging SUR SANGRAM-2 in Mahua Tv with Bhojpuri super star Ravi Kishan.

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