President of India’s Address to the Nation in Bhojpuri

It is for the first time that any publication has published the President’s complete address to the nation in Bhojpuri and this has been done by the pioneer Bhojpuri website. To make the matter more applausable this has been done within hours of her speech.

As a tradition President of India addresses the nation on the evening of 14th August every year and Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil did it this year too. Her address to the nation is a vital document which expresses the governments point of view. To present this speech in toto is a remarkable service for Bhojpuri too. If the Bhojpuri speaking people want to achieve constitutional recognition for Bhojpuri more such efforts are demanded. Someone should translate the Constitution of India in Bhojpuri, try to build an official vocabulary for administrative and official use., the First Bhojpuri Website, has always been in the forefront of popularising Bhojpuri. It was the first to present a website in Bhojpuri, first to present a Bhojpuri Grammar, and now trying to build up a Bhhojpuri-English-Bhojpuri dictionary. You can read lots of Bhojpuri proverbs at Its presentation of news in Bhojpuri is remarkable too. As it is the only website to present news in Bhojpuri on almost daily basis.

Posted by anjoria on August 15, 2010 at 9:51 PM under News, Sarokar.

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