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In a positive development for Bhojpuri as a whole, the most popular Bhojpuri website has offered wholehearted praise to the first website in Bhojpuri For a very long period the owners of these websites were aloof from each other, each avoiding the mention of the other.

This development augurs well for the Bhojpuri development as an unneccessary undercurrent of competetion has been removed for good. Though it is yet to be seen how deep this mutual understanding is going to develop. Both are commited to Bhojpuri and there were no major differences between them. All that differs is the natural difference of perception which is a welcome thing.

Let us hope this new found awareness and recognition of each other does good to Bhojpuri.

Jai Bhojpuri!

Posted by anjoria on July 19, 2010 at 7:09 PM under News, Sarokar.

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