Anjoria celebrates its seventh anniversary

The first website in Bhojpuri is celebrating its seventh anniversary after completing seven eventful years in the service of Bhojpuri language. It has passed through many ups and down during this period.

Started in 2002 it required downloading of a Devnagri font before it could be browsed. Then it turned to .pdf format which again required that the visitor has a pdf reader on her computer. Finally with the arrival of utf fonts it turned universal with no requirement of any particular font on the visitor’s computer.

For a long long time it used basic html designing with no possibility of interaction with its readers. Finally this year it adopted the WordPress system and now it is interactive which is shown in the regular exchanges among readers. In many a ways it is a social site now though a tough moderation by the editor prevents easy comment on its pages. But then that is required to prevent spammers.

Let us wish Anjoria a many happy returns of the day and a more popular existence.

Posted by anjoria on July 19, 2010 at 12:43 AM under News, Sarokar.

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