A mammoth task needs your support

Anjoria has launched BhojpuriDictionary.com to provide a FREE ONLINE Bhojpuri to English dictionary. This is a mammoth task and will take eons for a single person to complete it.

We therefore are requesting all Bhojpurias to cooperate with this project. Everyone can chip in with a word or two, not already included, and the work will become easier. Any contributor who provides more than 100 words for inclusion and at least 100 entries are accepted will get her/his name included in the list of contributors and of these one who provides the highest number of entries will get a cash reward too of Rs.Two Thousand Five Hundred (Rs.2500/-) only.

Hope every Bhojpuria will join this project and do the maximum possible for this project. This is going to be land mark for Bhojpuri.

This entry was posted by anjoria on July 4, 2010 at 4:31 PM under Sarokar.

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