Bhojpuri Cine Industry decides non-cooperation

It was a tragic and substandard form of journalism when many of the news channels ignored the death of a path breaking Bhojpuri film producer Sudhakar Pandey while giving prolonged coverage to the death of a dog! The dog belonged to Salman Khan.

Peeved with this humiliating ad insulting treatment given to Bhojpuri Cinema people belonging to Bhojpuri film industry have now decided to start no cooperation with these channels except Mahuaa TV, Sangeet Bhojpuri, Live India, Humaar TV and Lemon TV. They deplored this unjournalistic behaviour of these media people who dont care for Bhojpuri Cinema.

Bhojpuri Cinema is now on its own and is standing parallel to Hindi cinema in every matter. Bhojpuri cinema does not need crutches. These films are running to packed house in every nook and cornet of India as well as foreign countries.

Bhojpuri TV channels too are gaining acceptance rapidly and the viewership of Hindi channels is at downward path due to increasing popularity of Bhojpuri channels and perhaps this is the reason they are ignoring us Bhojpurias.

Based on the report of Shashikant Singh from Mumbai


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