Successful completion of 1st year of Mahuaa TV

First Bhojpuri Entertainment channel Mahuaa TV has recently completed 1st year of telecast. On this occasion the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Mahuaa TV, Mr.P.K.Tiwari shares his views about his channel :

Why you started a Bhojpuri channel when you could have easily started a Hindi one?

Bhojpuri is the 2nd largest spoken language in India after Hindi. Therefore I planned to start a Bhojpuri channel. Also I belong to the region and thought to do something for my language and its people. I wanted to change its negative image with a positive one and to do so a channel in that language was the best option. Bhojpuri is not restricted to UP and Bihar only. People of the region are spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. They are also spread across the world in the countries like US, Canada, Guyana, Mauritius, Surinam, Fiji, Singapore, Netherland, Malaysia. Therefore it was decided to entertain them in their own language(Bhojpuri) and at the same time work for promoting the culture and tradition of the people too.

What was your thought regarding its viewership and business potential?

As I told you earlier, Bhojpuri is the 2nd largest spoken language after Hindi in India so I thought it would do well and is also doing well.

Now, when first year is successfully completed, how do you feel?

Of course I m feeling good, because, when you see your child growing you always feel happy. Similarily Mahuaa is like my brain-child and I am enjoying its growth.

How was the experience in first year?

I think I have been successful in my plans, as today, not only in UP and Bihar but all over India, Mahuaa has become popular and also internationally. There has been great demand of set-top boxes, from cable operators and those who have been distributing the channel free of cost, because of its popularity. We have received request right from Jaisalmer and Ganganagar in Rajasthan to areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Your channel has been accused of dividing the Bihar and UP audience by your show SUR-SANGRAM. Your comments?

There is a difference between war and competition. It is a competition of talent and I think even when there is competition between two talented member of a family, members of the family differ in their support. You cant say that it is dividing the family.

Your channel has both the formats fiction and non–fiction. Which format the viewers prefer?

Both the format are doing well. We got a very good response for Bahubali, Khandan, etc and at the same time we are getting very good response for our non-fiction shows like Sur-Sangram, Bhauji No.1 etc. too.

What are your forthcoming plans regarding the kind of show because Mahuaa TV has now arrived in every family drawing room?

We are trying our best to fulfill our viewers expectations. We are coming up with very good shows like Malkain ( family drama ), Ramayan, some children and youth shows and also some good reality shows. We have kept every age group in our mind. We have also introduced news from UP and Bihar as people leaving in far off places wanted to get news from their place.

Do you think Mahuaa will be able to win audiences from other channels, as the image of Bhojpuri is not very good in the market?

We already broke it. Some of our shows are really doing very good and we are getting a very positive feedback from our viewers. And as I told you, Mahuaa is here to change this negative image and to an extent we have done also.

Other Channels are gaining TRP by raising the problems of UP and Bihar. Why Mahuaa is not showcasing such kind of show and making the image of UP and Bihar positive?

It was initiated by our show Bahubali, and very soon we are coming up again with some issues related to UP and Bihar.

Which is your favorite show on your channel?

All the shows of my channel are my favorite.

Whom would you like to thank for this successfull completion of 1 year of Mahuaa?

I would like to thank all my viewers, who have shown their faith, and also to my entire Mahuaa team.

Source: Prashant-Nishant, PR Consultant, Mahuaa TV.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    I am GIPA Coordinator in Bihar SACS. I want to request to you for produce a serial on HIV/AIDSlike Bihane-Bihane. You can invite HIV+ Person and their family, DOCTORS and related program officers and take experience about HIV. State AIDS Control Soceity and State Level Network for People living with HIV/AIDS will be support you. My contact no. is 9709392602.

  2. Respected Sir,
    I want to start a T.V. serial basically based on Purvanchal underworld and for this i try many times to contact you but which was not possible. Sir i want to know the term and condition to start a serial on your channel my email id is dharish60@ my contact no is 09648199288

  3. Dear Dubey Ji,

    It is always painful for me when some one asks for a role or anything in films, music albums or on TV channels. I have repeatedly said that this site has nothing to do with Mahuaa TV or any film producer. I am just providing you the ‘news’ or publicity releases for your information and entertainment.

    I therefor request you and all others not to put such requests because I can not help you.

    Wishing for your success,

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