Bhojpuri Social Groups are at war, it seems.

It all started with a new social which started in May 2008. It was a pioneer approach or Sri Ravindra Maurya who built a social site from scratch. Naturally it was not a sofisticated look and the Bhojpuri on the site was from Azamgarh, the place Ravindra Maurya belongs to.

I was hesitant at first to join the group due to its name, but after being satisfied that it is a totally new site and a new person I did joined it. I think it did not gain popularity due to its name, looks, and the language in that order. Then Mr.Shailesh Mishra from Texas, USA started his own siteBhojpuri Express. It had a professional look and Mishra Ji was an established and respected name in Bhojpuri internet. It growed rapidly and has more than 1200 members at present. The BEN network, as is popularly known and called, then started having some dissatisfied members who did not like the way the site was moderated. Discussions were deleted without notice, or information.

It was fertile ground for dissent and the dissenters started thinking about alternate plan. The BIG BOSS of Bhojpuri internet was looking for an opportunity and helped them develop a good looking social group. But the BIG BOSS never came out in the open due to his own desires. Khair Khun Khansi Khushi Bair Preet Madhupan, Rahiman dabe na dabe jane sakal jahan. Bhojpuri inrernet is a small field occupied by a handful of people who compete amongst themselves, intentionally or without any intention. It is but natural that everyone wants to be numero uno! The information was leaked and the operators of that new social site desired to get back the ownership of the domain. Big Boss denied and the social site died a quick death leaving behind a field of landmines.

As the news was out the Big Boss of Bhojpuri has now decided to start his own social site. There was nothing wrong in it. Everyone has a right to start his own social site, specially when is ready with everything and you can start a social group within minutes. But in the haste of creating a large base of members fake id of Mr.Shailesh Mishra too was created by someone. Every appilicant is vetoed by the operator of the site and BIG BOSS was familiar with the name and he should have been careful about such an ID. But no, the ID was touted as a big acquisition.

Now Mr.Shailesh Mishra has complained to for the violation of his privacy and loss to his image as he has no intention of joining the new social group. is looking into the matter at the time of writting this article.

I should have avoided jumping into mud as I am not at good personal relationship with Big Boss. But I wonder at this unsocial war amongst Bhojpuri social sites. For our detractors it proves beyond doubt that Bhojpuriya people are quarrelsome and they cant live in peace.

I do hope that sense prevails and normalcy returns in Bhojpuri ineternet world as soon as possible.

OP Singh, Founder of, the first website in Bhojpuri.

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