The largest Bhojpuria family on the net

Anjoria family is the largest family of websites on the internet. Out of 25 wellknown Bhojpuri websites at least 9 belongs to Anjoria family. And at least 3 of them are placed in the Top Ten Bhojpuri websites. Given below is the snapshot of rankings of 25 Bhojpuri websites. Names of others have been deleted intentionally but the figures and placings are real and as seen on 13th Nov. 2010. is the flagsite of the family. It was the first website in Bhojpuri and has passed through many ups and downs since last eight years it has been in existance. is the next best member of the family. It covers Bhojpuri film industry and its feed are used as picture posts for mobile users of a very big mobile service provider company.

The third one is the newcomer in the family, and specialises in news. It is the first online newssite in Bhojpuri, but is suffering due to shortage of manpower and support. As it is really very difficult for a single man to cover so many websites properly. The promoter of Anjoria family is looking earnestly for suitable help but unfortunately such help is not visible.

Bhojpuri films may be doing good business, but running a website or even a print magazine in Bhojpuri is certainly not feasible financially. There is a need fot volunteers or even enterpreuners to look into this void.

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