Nirahua and famous Bhojpuri director Aslam Sheikh are working togather again for “Rakhkwala”. Its shooting was started recently at Jaunpur in U.P. Nirahua was also in “Parivaar” and “Aulaad” films directed by Aslam Sheikh.(Prashant-Nishant report)

Recently the team of ‘Bhaiya Hamar Dayavan’ lead by Manoj Tiwari and Rinku Ghosh and comprising producer Harish Jaiswal, director Aslam Sheikh, Monalisa, Awadhesh Mishra and others, visited the ‘Navrang’ cinema in Mumbai and a theatre in Bhivandi the viewers were very excited. A huge crowd of fans thronged the compund in addition to the Read More →

‘Mehraru Chahi Milky White’ is said to be family comedy and the message spread by the film shall encourage the viewers to make certain changes in their lives to make it better. Rani Chatterjee and Priyesh Sinha are the lead stars of this film produced by Manohar S Jha and directed by Mithilesh Avinash. This Read More →

Hyder Kazmi recently showed his daring when he decided to do the shooting for his film “Kalia” inside the Jehanabad jail inhabitated by dreaded naxals and other criminals. Further he also performed the dangerous stunt ignoring the warnings by director Shivram Yadav.(Shashikant Singh reports) No story is complete without visiting

The Mahanayak of Bhojpuri cinema Kunal Singh was recently honored with Dr.Zakir Hussain Samman at the Vishva Bhojpuri Sammelan held at Delhi. The award was given to him by Dr.Sarita Budhdhu, chairperson of Bhojpuri Institute of Mauritius. Our Loksabha speaker Meira Kumar was present on the occasion.(Prashant-Nishant reports) No story is complete without visiting

“Kalua Bhayeel Sayan” a film with two heroes, Shubham Tiwari and Kalua, is now ready for release. Popular singer Kalua is being introduced as hero with this film. Ritesh Thakur and Shiv Pratap Singh are the producers and O.P.Kashyap is the director. Ritesh Thakur has earlier produced block busters lije “Chanda” and “Tu Hi Mor Read More →

The numero uno villain of cinema Bhojpuri, Sanjay Pandey was recently signed for “Lal Dupattewali”. Manorama Singh is the producer and Shailesh Pandey director. Lead stars of the film are Rohit Singh, Anjana Singh, Vandini Mishra, Soniam Gopal Rai, Inder Kumar, Kunal Singh and Sanjay Pandey.(Shashikant Singh reports) No story is complete without visiting

Popularity of Bhojpuri cinema regularly attracts talent from non-Bhojopuri regions and the latest attraction is Mohini Ghosh from Kolkata. Her first Bhojpuri film was “Vijay Tilak” and her performance was so good in the film that the director Sanoj Mishra and prodcue Anjani Upadhyay signed her for their next film “Prm Vidrohi”. Mohini Ghosh has Read More →

Vinay Anand went for formal training in Kung Fu, sword fight, Kick Boxing and martial arts and this is showcased now in film “Pagal Premi”. This film produced by Navin Kumar Singh is directed by Ajay Gupta and Sangeeta Tiwari is the lead actress.(Shashikant Singh reports) No story is complete without visiting

Manoj Tiwari has once again proved his magical anchoring as the music show “Suron Ka Mahasangram” on Mahuaa TV is receiving better TRP than many Hindi channels. He had succesfully anchored “Sur Sangram” and “Nahle Pe Dahla” earlier and those show too had good TRP. No story is complete without visiting

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