“Pyar Zindabaad” is releasing in Bihar on Friday, 8th June. Pankaj Kesri and Sejal Sharma are the romantic leads in the film produced by Kashi Ji, well known producer of Bollywood film, and directed by Mohan Rao. The film has a good mix of action and romance and as the script is well tested the film should do good at the box offices, says the producer.(Uday Bhagat report.)

‘Deewanagi’ is the next movie to star the real ‘Rangaz’ of Bhojpuri cinema Haider Kazmi. Haider has also acting in Kaalia, Bigul, Azamgarh Ke Katta, and Jagira. ‘Deewangi’ is his latest film. Haider Kazmi and Sanjay Pandey both shall be showing their power in this film. (Shashikant Singh reports.)

Brijesh Tripathi has become more and more cruel and dangerous. His fiery look in the latest super hit movie ‘Ranveer’ instills deep fear among the viewers. The hero of the film ‘Ranveer’ Ravi Kishan faces him in the film. Brijesh Tripathi is the biggest Bhojpuria villain who is almost in every film produced by big banners.(Apna News report)

Pawan Singh is going supreme these days in Bihar with the running success of his film ‘Saugandh Ganga Maiya Ki’ in continuation wirh earlier super hit movie ‘Bajrang’. Pawan Singh is busy shooting for his new film ‘Rakhela Shaan Bhojpuria Jawaan’ in Gujarat. Pawan Singh has also started music direction. Broadcasting rights of his more than 100 songs have been bought at asking price by almost all the music channels.(Says Apna News)

Anjana Singh has captured the heart of Khesari Lal, the new super star of Bhojpuri cinema. This is the gist of the film ‘Dil Le Gayeel Odhaniya Wali’ starring them. Director is Arvind Chaube. Anjana Singh says that her ‘chemistry’ with Khesarilal is very good on the screen as well as off the screen. Anjana Singh is busy these days shooting for her new film ‘Lahu Ke Do Rang’.(Uday Bhagat reports)

Monika Batra has been signed for ‘Kotha’ to be made under the direction of Manoj Sripati Jha. Starting her career with ‘Elaan Baa’ Monika has won the hearts of her fans and admiration of directors and producers. She has been signed with almost all the super stars including Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan, and Pawan Singh. (Shashikant Singh reports)

Rinku Ghosh becomes the first Bhojpuri actress to be featured in the Hindi ‘FilmFare’ magazine. Rinku has been featured in its latest issue. The story traces her growth from a model to her first Bhojpuri film ‘Suhagan Bana Da Sajna Hamar’ in year 2003 and since then she has won the appreciation of film lovers. Rinku’s popularity is due to her acting skill as well as her charismatic smile.(Shashikant Singh reports)

Prakash Awasthi, the super star of Chhatisgarhi cinema, has moved on to Bhojpuri cinema. He says that Bhojpuri cinema has a very big canvas and it is only second to Hindi cinema. Prakash Awasthi says that a person keeps on learning throughout his life and it is more so in the case of actors. Thus Prakash says he is still learning. Prakash Awasthi has acted in five Bhojpuri films till now and ‘Chingari’ was his first Bhojpuri film.(Dinesh Yadav reports)

‘Khooni Dangal’ produced by Sanjay Kumar under the banner of Suhani Suhana Films and directed by Sridhar Shetty has Bhojpuri super star Vinay Anand and action star Sudeep Pandey in blood letting brawls. Vinay Anand has also sung a song for this film. and this will be his first song in films.(Shashikant Singh reports)